TBMG Chapter 181

Big Boss Wants To Blacken (26)


She listened to her agent’s requests, and went out in trousers and gown that covered her entire body.

She waited at the door of the hotel.

Kevin looked at the clothes Su Yan was wearing and hated iron for not becoming steel.

“Why are you wearing this?”

Su Yan listened to Kevin reprimanding her again.

She frowned.

Ever since she had become the Lord God, she hadn’t been scolded repeatedly like this for a long time.

She raised her head and looked at Kevin.

“You are just my agent, right?”

She was quiet, but her words contained a momentum that didn’t allow rebuttal.

Kevin choked when he heard her words.

He rolled his eyes and hugged his chest with his arms.

“Just go in.”

While he spoke, another car parked next to them.

Long Lili walked out of the car and she saw Su Yan at the door. She was startled for a moment, but soon returned to normal.

She smiled and said, “Su Yan.”

Hearing her, Su Yan turned around and hadn’t spoken yet when her agent Kevin walked towards her while twisting his waist.

“Lili, you’ve arrived so early. What about the directors? I also heard that Film Emperor Luo has also come?”

He had smokey makeup on and his smile was flattering, obviously a man, but he twisted his waist more than Xiao Hong.

Long Lili smiled appropriately. “I don’t know yet.”

She stepped forward, trying to hold Su Yan’s arm, but she evaded her.

Su Yan asked in a doubtful voice, “Is there something wrong?”

Long Lili was embarrassed for a moment, but it quickly disappeared.

“It’s okay, let’s go.”

Su Yan nodded.

She noticed that Kevin didn’t follow them, but instead stood at the door of the hotel, seemingly waiting for someone.

Su Yan and Long Lili went into the elevator and pressed the button for the 19th floor.

The two waited in silence for a while.

Just when the elevator was about to arrive, Long Lili suddenly asked, “What do you think about Quan Ci?”

Su Yan didn’t expect that she would ask this.

She paused and thought about it.

“He likes to bite, and besides this, he’s very good.”

Something flashed in Long Lili’s eyes.

Then she looked at Su Yan carefully.

Her sight lingered on her slightly red and swollen lips.

She clenched the bag in her hands tightly.

She was about to continue asking, but a ‘ding!’ was heard, signaling their arrival.

Eventually, she swallowed back down what she wanted to ask.

This meal was in fact, just a private dinner for a group of people.

After Long Lili and Su Yan arrived, the rest came one after another.

The director, producer, Luo Yuanjie, and Kevin.

When everyone had seated, their third glasses of wine had been drunk, the atmosphere in the room relaxed.

Kevin pulled Su Yan to apologize to them one by one.

Su Yan wasn’t well-known, and because of her mistake and Kevin brought her here to show her sincerity, the producer gave Su Yan a glance and deliberately made things difficult for her.

A bottle of beer was brought out, and the bottle cap popped open. A mixture of liquor and red wine of various degrees intertwined and were poured into three cups.

The smell was very pungent.

The producer with a big belly sat there.

“Does the little girl intend to taste them?” He asked obscurely.

But everyone here who could reach the point where they were knew that it needed to be drunk.

Su Yan belonged to the minority that didn’t know.

“Don’t want.” She refused simply.

The producer snorted coldly.

Kevin hurriedly tried to salvage the situation.

“She’s joking.”

As he spoke, he tugged on her arm, signaling her to drink.

TL Note: ‘hating iron for not becoming steel’ means not meeting the criteria or expectations of someone.

TL thoughts: Do producers all have big bellies? They’re all described like that in novels.. can’t we have some skinny ones tho

Also, I’ve been thinking of re-editing the first few chapters on Wattpad. Everytime I stare at the bad grammar, I have the urge to redo it… but it means more work ;-;