TBMG Chapter 180

Big Boss Wants To Blacken (25)


Inside the house, Su Yan heard the sound of a car leaving outside.

She couldn’t help but tug at the tightly buttoned-up suit.

She went to the window and looked outside.

It seemed that she hadn’t seen Xiao Hong in a while.

She stood by the window for some time, listening to the sound of grass rustling.

After a while, a black and red diamond-patterned snake appeared in front of Su Yan.

Su Yan opened the window and touched Xiao Hong’s head.

Xiao Hong flicked its tongue.

Su Yan’s touch felt nice.

Su Yan looked left, then right, then asked, “Xiao Hong, did you eat too much, causing you to become fat?”

Xiao Hong shook its tail.

“Hiss hiss hiss!”

The scarlet tongue flicked.

‘I didn’t eat a lot, I’m not fat.’

Su Yan looked at Xiao Hong. In the past, when it hid in a haystack, it was difficult to find.

But now, looking at its big body, if it hid in a haystack, how could it not be found?

Su Yan said seriously in a soft voice, “It’s time to lose weight.”

Xiao Hong shook its head.

“Hiss hiss hiss!”

Every move it made was full of resistance.

It’s a snake, not a human. It doesn’t need to lose weight, and fat = scarier.

Xiao Hong was very satisfied with its figure.

Su Yan was a little worried.

“Now that you’ve grown so fat, how can I take you with me to attend parties?”

She couldn’t hide it.

“Hiss hiss!”

‘Put me in the space.’

Thinking about it, Su Yan also brought out Gu Wang from the space and placed him on the windowsill.

It was too small, and you can’t see it unless you look closely.

It was the same as a black dot.

“Ci ci ci ci!”

‘Eat meat! Take Laozi to eat meat!’

Su Yan looked at it.

“Little bug, I’ll send you a sample body, but you can’t eat him to death.”

Su Yan slowly negotiated with it.

Gu Wang’s resistance of Su Yan calling it ‘little bug’ went from the explosiveness at the beginning, to silence, and now it silently accepted it as a default.

“Ci ci ci ci!”

‘What do I do when I’m hungry?’

Su Yan blinked. “You can eat a little. As long as he’s alive, you can do what you want.”

Gu Wang was reluctant to have a restraint on how much he could eat.

However, compared to the darkness of the space, it was more willing to stay in other people’s bodies.

If he wasn’t happy, then he could bite a little to vent his anger.

Su Yan was happy when she saw Gu Wang accepting it.

“I want you to listen carefully to his every move, and when I ask you, you tell me about it.”

“Ci ci!”

‘Huh, I knew I’ll have to do this!’

In the end, Gu Wang reluctantly agreed.

Xiao Hong leaned against the wall outside, its tongue flickering time to time.

It knew that Su Yan was talking to another thing.

That thing had always been with it in that dark space.

However, Xiao Hong couldn’t see it.

As a snake, myopia is a must.

The one called Gu Wang was too small, so for Xiao Hong, he was like air.

It flicked its scarlet tongue, waiting for Su Yan’s next order.

After communicating with the little bug, Su Yan threw it back into the space again.

She looked at the fat Xiao Hong.

“It’s time to lose weight.”

Xiao Hong heard her words and reacted fiercely.

“Hiss hiss hiss!”

‘In the snake world, the fatter one is, the more dignified they are!

I don’t want to lose weight!’

In the end, Xiao Hong disappeared around a corner.

Time passed quickly, and soon, night arrived.